How is elevation of feature captured

06-18-2021 11:03 AM
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I'm trying to figure out how to capture the elevation or z value of a feature that I create or edit using the API. I've looked at to see how the elevation of a feature is recorded, but I don't see it anywhere when I query the layer, even for features I've added myself and given a non-zero elevation (I do see the features in the results of my query, but nothing that seems to indicate how high they are).

I have created my own feature layer and specified that it should have z. It seems that elevation information recorded when I use the layer with Field Maps is put in a field called esrignss_altitude, but when I load that layer in a WebScene and view the points I've collected by rotating the view such that I can see their elevation, the ones with the largest altitude don't seem to be raised the most above the map. I can't actually tell what's causing the heights of the points.

Additionally, it would be great if I knew what post labels and post tags are, and how to know which are appropriate, but that's less important to me right now. :)

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