How do I allow a cross-site cookie?

09-23-2020 09:43 AM
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I am trying to deploy an internal page using the JS 3.33 sample of the Elevation Profile widget.  (ArcGIS API for JavaScript Sandbox )  There doesn't appear to be any updated version of it.  The sample works perfectly but I do see 29 cookies being affected by SameSite issues when I examine the developer tools.  Still it works using the background layers.

The moment I try to add any of my own REST services to the map it fails.  I believe this must be related to cross-site issues.  I can't add even a single feature layer without "Uncaught TypeError: FeatureLayer is not a constructor".  I think this is because the page is not allowing me to access both functionality (the elevation profile tool) and my internal rest layers.  While I am a novice developer I have successfully created several other pages utilizing featurelayers and dynamiclayers.  I don't think I have any typos or syntax errors.

I see tons of sites saying that you can use "SameSite=None" somewhere but none of them specify where this might be set.  Am I missing something?  How do I allow both of these sites to be reached by my page?

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