help configuring Intern w/ ArcGIS API for JavaScript

01-24-2016 04:59 PM
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Hello All,

I'm trying to configure Intern to do some unit testing on some legacy ArcGIS Javascript projects.  I'm having trouble understanding the "loader" configuration in intern.js, e.g.

        loaders: {

                'host-node': 'bower_components/dojo/dojo',

                'host-browser': 'node_modules/dojo/dojo.js'


I'm working off examples from SitePen​, David Spriggs​, and Rene's Yeoman generator​, but don't seem to be able to get all the pieces to work together.  My objective is pretty simple: get the SitePen tutorial working using the Esri-version of dojo provided by Bower.

I don't really understand why the "loaders" configuration is required to provide a dojo other than the default but that's done in both the Esri-related examples.  In my case​ when I configure the loaders config as above, I get the error:

    Error: Cannot find module 'bower_components/dojo/dojo'

    at Function.Module._resolveFilename  <module.js:339:15>

    at Function.require.resolve  <internal/module.js:23:19>

    at <node_modules/intern/lib/executors/PreExecutor.js:437:32>

    at new Promise  <node_modules/intern/node_modules/dojo/Promise.ts:411:3>

    at PreExecutor.swapLoader  <node_modules/intern/lib/executors/PreExecutor.js:428:11>

    at swapLoader  <node_modules/intern/lib/executors/PreExecutor.js:389:17>

    at <node_modules/intern/node_modules/dojo/Promise.ts:393:15>

    at runCallbacks  <node_modules/intern/node_modules/dojo/Promise.ts:11:11>

    at <node_modules/intern/node_modules/dojo/Promise.ts:317:4>

    at run  <node_modules/intern/node_modules/dojo/Promise.ts:237:7>

There is a bower_components/dojo/dojo.js file.

Any help or clarification would be much appreciated!


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