Heatmap renderer is not working with FeatureLayer

08-22-2018 03:08 PM
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I am trying to show Heatmap through FeatureLayer. I tried my best but didn't get success to show heatmap on FeatureLayer with latest ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.8. My Code is located here. I used HeatMapRenderer to render the point on the map as the heat map. But somehow it is not working at all. I think I am missing something which would be an easy fix.

My code is given below:


It would be a great help if we get some example using heatmap with the feature layer. Especially in Angular 5/6.

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   From what I have been seeing on GeoNet posts the HeatMap renderer does not work with a FeatureLayer that comes from a collection of graphics. Maybe Rene Rubalcava‌ can confirm.

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Robert is correct. Heatmap requires WebGL, which requires Feature Layer services that are hosted or 10.6.1+. Heatmap with a collection of graphics does not work at the moment.

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Thanks a lot, Rene Rubalcava‌ and Bjorn Svensson‌ for your response. It would be great if you guys can provide me some examples for Heatmap requires WebGL. 

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