handling baseMaps without a portalItem.id to render later

02-21-2020 03:03 PM
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The goal is to save the state of a basemap from the basemap gallery, then re-render it later. I have done this sucesfully with all my basemap using the below portalItem.id however there are a few basemaps with null portalItem object (i.e. no portalItem.id (arcgis 4.x)

basemapGallery.activeBasemap = {portalItem: {id: "588f0e0acc514c11bc7c898fed9fc651"}};


baseLayers: (...)id: (...)load: ƒ ()loadError: (...)loadStatus: (...)loadWarnings: (...)loaded: (...)**portalItem: null**

Is there anything I could do to create some-type of handler so I can save my selection of these maps as well, then re-render later as I am doing with the others?

I have tried setting a portalItem in the below format, but still fails. Anything I could here?

  if (newBasemap.id === 'shaded_relief_light') {     } else if (newBasemap.id === 'shaded_relief_dark') {     } else if (newBasemap.id === 'world_nav_charts') {     } else if (newBasemap.id === 'skyvector_hi_map') {     } else if (newBasemap.id === 'skyvector_lo_map') {     } if (newBasemap.id === 'skyvector_vfr_map') {     }

I have also tried generating ones for those few that do not have them.

  if (myCoolApp.widgets.basemapManager.basemapGallery.activeBasemap.portalItem) {      basemapSaved = myCoolApp.widgets.basemapManager.basemapGallery.activeBasemap.portalItem.id;    coolGuy.baseMapId = basemapSaved;  } else {    let r = Math.random().toString(36).substring(7);    myCoolApp.widgets.basemapManager.basemapGallery.activeBasemap.portalItem.id = r     console.log(r);  }
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