Graphics not rendering/adding ESRI JSAPI version 4.12

08-23-2019 07:13 AM
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For some users of an application I built using JSAPI version 4.12, no graphics appear on maps.  The issue does not seem to be browser specific (some users with identical browser versions experienced the issue, others did not) , but does seem to be new to version 4.12 of the API.  Are there known causes of this?  Some browser or account-level setting perhaps?  

I have attached two screenshots from a computer experiencing the issue - one of the "Intro to Graphics"  tutorial page that should show graphics but doesn't, and the second of the Codepen linked from that page, changed to version 4.11, which does show  the intended graphics.

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  4.12 uses some more advanced capabilities of webGL and thus they are discovering that some graphic cards drivers are not properly following the webGL spec and are not rendering at all. There has been some discussion on this topic and the main take away is to update your graphics driver for those machines having issues.

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Hi Matthew Barr‌, basically it's as Robert Scheitlin, GISP‌ has said. For more information see We are currently tracking this issue and working on a possible workaround for drivers that cannot be fixed.

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