Google Search functionality.

11-11-2019 09:58 PM
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Hi, i need to use the functionality of google search in arcgis api for js 4x. I'm failed to find any working sample available in esri which demonstrate how to use google map with arcgis api for js. 

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Hi irtiza hussain‌,

Did you have a look at this sample? Search Widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 

Is this what you are looking for?



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Also here is some information about migrating from Google Maps to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript:

Migrating from Google Maps JavaScript API to ArcGIS API for JavaScript | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4... 

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Hi Noah Sager

I'm already using arcgis api for js , i want to add google search on my application. Can we add google search in our arcgis api for js 4x project!!

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Hi Egge-Jan Pollé

I need a search bar where we can search any land mark by its name easily like google search does,in this Search searching any specific land mark is difficult.

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