FieldElement is ignoring input type if field returns Number instead of String from database

07-06-2021 08:26 PM
New Contributor

When using the FeatureForm widget on version 4.20 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, certain fields are not rendering with the correct input type.  Fields that are added to the form in the formTemplate.elements property as a FieldElement are not using the designated input type if the field comes from the database as an esriFieldTypeSmallInteger instead of an esriFieldTypeString.  The input types that were tried were ComboBoxInput and RadioButtonInput.  Coded-value domains are required for these input types, and were being provided when the broken functionality was encountered.

In these instances, the affected field that returns a esriFieldTypeSmallInteger from the database is being rendered in a Number field instead of the designated input type for the field in the FeatureForm.formTemplate.elements property.

Since the code property in CodedValue entries in a CodedValueDomain can be a String or Number, these input types should be able to use fields that return a Number instead of a String from the database.  Please allow fields that return esriFieldTypeSmallInteger from the database to use custom input types when designated in a FieldElement object in the FeatureForm.formTemplate.elements property.




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