FeatureTable Question

07-15-2020 07:57 AM
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About 70% of the time my FeatureTable loads, it just reads "data error" instead of the table populating with my data. At first I assumed it was because of the amount of data that's being returned (there are 107k parcels in my county), but after looking at the "Using Feature Table (no map)" example, that one has over 700k features and doesn't have any issues.

I've taken the code from that example, simply replaced the feature layer with my locally hosted feature layer, and am still almost always getting the data error, so I can definitely narrow the issue down to my service and not the code.

I've looked through the settings of my service and I don't really see anything that looks wrong.

It doesn't always throw an error in the console, but when it does, it looks like this:

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can look at tweaking to get this to work more consistently?

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