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10-25-2018 01:49 AM
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I have a refresh problem with the ArcGIS API 3.26. When the object is no longer visible, the refresh is not automatic in the web map, even if we navigate the map. The refresh is done only after zooming in or zooming out.

To be clear, I will give the details :

- In the ArcSDE, add a table of points with one attribute : Class


 - Add a small picture symbol for the value "A" of Class Attribute and another picture symbol for the value "B"

- Publish the service as FeatureService

- In Javascript, add the Layer to the map in FeatureLayer.MODE_AUTO mode


 - Add a point of Class A to the table

- View it on the web map

- Change the Class to C. Which means it should not be visible

- On the map, navigate without zooming. The object will still be visible, which is not normal.

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