Feature Layer slow load

04-03-2015 07:33 AM
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Hey everybody,

I am using the following feature layer in one of my maps.

Layer: States (ID: 4)

It takes a long time for it to load, or when I zoom in to re-load.

Eventually I want to add this layer Layer: Counties (ID: 3)  , but I can only imagine how long it will take to load this one.

Is there anything I can do to speed this up? I cant add it as a ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer because I need to do some mouse-over events with it.



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Have you tried loading it as a FeatureLayer in MODE_SELECTION, just for the events and again as as ArcGISTileMapServiceLayer for the displayed?  It seems like I've rigged around a project before where I had performance issues. 

Also the help under Reference Feature Layer Best Practices | Guide | ArcGIS API for JavaScript  described tips for performance on FeatureLayers. I haven't found the magic number yet, but setting a different maxAllowableOffset might help.

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Hi Tim,

Try downloading the data and then you can host it on your own ArcGIS Server instance.  You may have better performance that way.

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Sadly I don't have ArcGIS Server, but thanks for the hint!

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You can always try another REST data service and see if that has better performance. The USGS's National Map has several REST services you could draw upon. States and counties can be found in this particular service:


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Thanks for the link. The only problem is, I need the income data associated with the states/county boundaries.

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When I went to the end point and ran a query against that layer

Query: States (ID: 4)

it returned an error, I believe there is something wrong with that map service. I also tried the county layer and it had problems also.