Feature Layer Not Rendered Correctly

10-16-2018 04:50 AM
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I am trying to visualize some arrows to show the point displacement using arcgis 4.9 api. The arrows consist of two FeatureLayer one containing the stem and one containing the head. Both of them use the UniqueValueRenderer with symbol of PictureMarker type. Unfortunately, sometimes the marker are cut at the tile boundary of the basemap.

Does somebody knows what cause the incomplete rendering? Somebody knows a workaround?

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   I have seen this as well and it seems to be a bug in the API. You will need to contact esri tech support and add your name to the list of reporters so that the bug can be escalated to higher priority.

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Daniele Sampietro‌ - yes, this sounds like a bug.  Longer term we plan to add arrowheads to the 4.x API (which 3x API already supports).

In the meantime, could you share a simple repro case?  Maybe using codepen or jsbin...

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