Feature layer and map image service attribute-driven symbology

08-04-2021 09:12 AM
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we have a map created with ArcGIS Pro, in which we have activated for all the layers attribute-driven symbology. We followed the steps here and it works perfectly! 

We want to publish this map as a service, to use it in one of our ArcGIS JavaScript API apps. This service is a map image service with feature access. 

When we consume the map image service from the JS API, then the symbology properties that depend on attributes are honored and it works perfectly. 

We don't have the same results in a feature service. So when the users try to edit the data from the web app, they see a default symbol. 

The quesion is: Should we implement custom renderers for the feature services in order to honor the symbology based on the attribute values? Or are we missing something 😅?

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I too have this question.
I symbolized some features I had using using a hex color attribute in my table and connecting it to the features. However these changes aren't applied to the layer in the Contents pane in ArcGIS Pro, and it doesn't look like I'm able to export this symbology as a layer file or publish the layer from ArcGIS Pro using a service definition file.

Is it possible to incorporate this symbology into an AGOL or Enterprise Portal web map?

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I also have this question. This would be extremely useful, but if it's going to break in feature services, useless.

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