ESRI dijit TimeSlider, changing the time-extent-change event

07-13-2020 01:10 AM
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I'm creating an application for someone and I'm using the TimeSlider.  This all works as expected, but I want to improve the experience for the user.  At the moment you can grab the bar on the slider between the 'from' and 'to' dates and drag the slider along to a new date.  The annoying thing with this is that the map only updates when the user lets go of the mouse button, i.e. the time-extent-change event only fires on mouse up.  This unfortunately means you can't actually drag the slider back and forth to view changes in a fluid way, you have to lift you finger off the mouse button every time you want to view the changes.  This isn't a great experience for the user.

I've had a look at the HTML and CSS of the slider but can't work this out myself, so can anyone tell me if/how you can change the time-extent-change event to fire when the slider is moved to the next/previous date without being tied to the mouse-up action?  

I hope that makes sense.  My backup plan is to ditch the ESRI slider and look a JQuery but since I've got all my code working I'd rather make a small change if possible rather than re-working the whole thing.

Thank you.


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