Error after updating to Javascript 3.12

12-22-2014 09:44 AM
by Anonymous User
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I updated my app to 3.12 and am getting the following error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined 

It is being triggered by the following line:

function(c,a,d){c=k.getObject(a,!1,g);d&&(c=k.getObject(d,!1,b).call(b,c,a));return e(c,a).toString()}

Any ideas? It was working fine in 3.11. Thanks

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Without seeing a code example that shows the problem its hard to say what is causing your app to fail after migrating to 3.12. Do you have a test case that shows the problem?

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Esri Contributor

The code snippet you supplied is from dojo/string.substitute. Can you supply the entire stack trace when this error occured?

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by Anonymous User
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It is hard to send a code sample since this error occurs onload.  Here is the stack trace from the error as well as the code for which is being called out (coords.js)













    ], function(dom, on, Menu, MenuItem, MenuSeparator, ContentPane, number, Point, webMercatorUtils) {

  var currentLocation;

  //Right Click Menu

  var coordMenu = new Menu({

  id: "menu",

  targetNodeIds: ["map"],

  onOpen: function(box) {

  currentLocation = getMapPointFromMenuPosition(box);

  var coords = webMercatorUtils.webMercatorToGeographic(currentLocation);

  var latitude = number.format(coords.y, {places:6, type: "decimal"});

  var longitude = number.format(coords.x, {places:6, type: "decimal"});

  dom.byId("coordsDisplay").innerHTML = "<div id=\"coordsSelect\">" + latitude + ", " + longitude + "</div>";



  coordMenu.addChild(new ContentPane({

  content:"<div id=\"coordsDisplay\"></div>"


  coordMenu.addChild(new MenuItem({

            label: "Close",

  iconClass: "dijitIconDelete"



  function getMapPointFromMenuPosition(box) {

  var x = box.x, y = box.y;

  switch( box.corner ) {

  case "TR":

  x += box.w;


  case "BL":

  y += box.h;


  case "BR":

  x += box.w;

  y += box.h;



  var screenPoint = new Point(x - map.position.x, y - map.position.y);

  return map.toMap(screenPoint);



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Mostly likely a timing issue.

Does your app still run properly?

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by Anonymous User
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Yeah I figured its a timing issue when the app is parsed.  It does not run when updated to 3.12, still troubleshooting.

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