Does the editor widget recognize the draw tool in a feature layer template?

07-20-2021 08:08 AM
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I've created a simple app with the v4 editor widget (  It uses a hosted feature layer to edit.  The hosted feature layer has a feature template saved with the service.  The service has the feature template Drawing Tool set to esriFeatureEditToolRectangle.  However, the editor widget ignores that and only allows me to use the regular polygon tool.  How do you get the editor widget to recognize the fetaure template draw tool?  Does it recognize the draw tool?  Is there another way to use the rectangle tool to create a feature with the editor widget?  I've looked into the Feature Template documentation.  But I'm lost as to how to incorporate that with the editor widget and the existing layer.  It shouldn't be this hard to just set a rectangle tool for your draw tool.  


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I've updated the sample above to modify the templates property of the layer.  When it loads I change the drawingTool of the template to 'rectangle'.  This also has no effect.  When I add a feature it still only gives me a polygon tool.  Is this a bug?  Why have a templates and drawingTool property if it doesn't have an effect?  Or am I not using it correctly?

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Im having the same issue 

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