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01-06-2019 09:24 AM
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I’m interested in creating a custom widget for a work flow that our teams do constantly. I am a bit new to development side and wanted to get one someone’s opinion that has experience in this field. This is what I want the tool to accomplish.

  • A user can click anywhere on the map and have a layer created that shows an analysis of the parcels (land owners) in the area.
  • Here are the geoprocesses the tool needs to do:
    • Select all the parcels (layer) within X amount of miles (user input) from where the user clicks on the map
    • Then it dissolves the parcels layer by the owner name and sums up the acreage field.
    • Displays the new parcels that are dissolved on the map by a choropleth (heat) map style based on the acreage sum field.
    • Have it display the results (attribute table) on the side. Option to export the data, or to click again and do the same process over again.
  • We are currently using AGOL and will be using Portal in the future.

So my questions are:

  • Will this workflow be able to be accomplished with a custom widget.

If so, can this be done in AGOL and Portal or both.

  • And is this the most effective way about doing this; creating a custom widget app.

Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me and point me to the right direction to get this done.#

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Hi Adam,

I would recommend a geoprocessing service in ArcGIS Server.  The geoprocessing service can be then used in both AGOL and Portal using the default Geoprocessing widget in WAB.

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Really. Would i have to combine all these geoprocesses together in a model builder? Then publish the service? 

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I would use either model builder or python.  

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