Custom Widget: Cannot find module or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)

08-24-2020 09:21 AM
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I have written a widget using JS API 4.16/TypeScript and I'm deploying it in another application (also using TypeScript) and I'm getting the error in the post title on compile. In index.html I have:

window.dojoConfig = {
        packages: [
            name: "my-widget",
            location: "/Widgets/MyWidget/app"

and in my main.ts I have (this is the line generating the error):

import MyWidget = require("my-widget/MyWidget");

the error is the same as the title: Cannot find module or its corresponding type declarations.ts(2307)

my tsconfig is:

  "compilerOptions": {
    "lib": ["es5""es6""dom""scripthost"],
  "include": ["./app/*"],

  "exclude": ["node_modules"]

the file structure is:



.. .. ..main.ts

.. ..index.html

.. ..tsconfig.json


.. ..MyWidget/

.. ..

.. .. .. ..MyWidget.ts .js etc

How can I resolve this error? There's a lot of info on developing custom widgets, but not much on deploying/moving to production, so I'm looking for any tips on the best way to do that, too.

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It looks like the order is incorrect in this line:

import MyWidget = require("my-widget/MyWidget");

Should be something like this:

import MyWidget = require("MyWidget/my-widget");

Here are some examples about this workflow from our samples page:

Create a custom widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16 

Custom Recenter Widget | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.16 

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Thanks for the reply. I've tried using the order you suggested and it results in the browser trying to load my widget from the js api, and generating a not found error.

From DevTools console:

GET 404

Using the original order, the code still compiles and loads properly in the browser. That made me think it was a problem with my TypeScript configuration.

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