Custom Print Template?

03-07-2013 09:17 AM
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Is it possible to specify a custom print template when you're using the print widjit? I'd like to be able to add a custom logo and change the template color on the pdf's my map "prints." Currently it's just a stock white template like in the example here.

Thanks for any help!
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Has anyone found a way to do this? I have a request to make the footer text larger and center it on the map, rather than right aligned, but I have not found one example of this anywhere. Footer is always small text and on lower right.

Can anyone help?

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In ArcGIS Server you can create your own print service with the custom templates. You will find more details here Tutorial: Publishing additional services for printing—Documentation (10.3 and 10.3.1) | ArcGIS for S... and then you can use the print dijit with it.

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Did you create your own custom print service with your customized print templates?

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This came-up on another thread (in short, you can create custom templates):


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I did not create my own custom print service. Thank you for the tips. I will read up on this and go that route. Thank you!

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