Crowdsource Storymap Console Errors

01-04-2019 07:52 AM
MVP Regular Contributor 

My office has tasked me with modifying the crowdsource storymap even though it's was depreciated last year. I'm having a lot of trouble hosting it on our server. It won't get past the splash page and there are a few errors in the console. I need to get the app up before I even begin to do the modifications. 

All I've done so far was use the appID (b1efb597739840bf9f89140a45f4da23) from an old Crowdsource Storymap Web Mapping Application of ours. Then I downloaded the sourcecode from GitHub and deployed it with the appID entered in the index.html file. And since I can't get much help with this I'm not sure what's wrong with it. If I create a current Story Map and run through the same process I can host it with no problems. But, I'm stuck trying to revive this old one. 

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