cross-origin issues in i-frame

10-01-2020 06:26 AM
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This is and ongoing issue that can get very frustrating. It is very difficult to embed a WAB application in an i-frame without getting  a cross-origin error, even when the domains match. I know these errors can be very cryptic, so just looking for some advice or maybe reference to documentation that address this specific issue. I know there is plenty of documentation only about the subject, but hard to find info from esri regarding embedding apps in iframes. Below is the error that I am receiving and I could use some help interpreting exactly what the issue is. The domain for the web page that contains the iframe, and the domain for the app are the same. The only mixed content appears to be when the app needs to access Is this what is causing the error, and if so what can be done? 

Thanks as always for any advice.

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