Create Route Segment Along Routes or Lines (duplicate)

02-11-2021 01:21 PM
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Hi, my requirement is that on a ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x web app, a user needs to create a short segment along a route/line/road by specifying the distance, starting point and/or route name.

Examples would be:

  • Create a segment along route ABC, 300 meters from an intersection.
  • Create a segment along route ABC, 300 meters from a particular point on route 123, in the west/east/north/south direction.

I'm not sure where to start on such task. Has anyone done anything similar? Any pointers would be appreciated!

Would something like this be right?

Do I need the ArcGIS Roads and Highways extension?

We already have a network service published. We are using ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.x, ArcGIS for Server 10.6.

(note I duplicated the question from the ArcGIS-Rest-API-Questions place as I didn't get an answer there, trying my luck here. If anyone knows how to move questions around, that would be great).

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by MVP Regular Contributor
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I don’t think you need the roads extension, but the docs say “The ArcGIS Location Referencing license is required to use this resource.”

I think what you described above fits in with their second example of use.