create a webapp in arcgis 10.0 using javascript

05-01-2019 02:53 AM
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I need to develop a web application using java script in Arcgis 10.0, If any one don't mind point me the way to learn to  in arcgis 10.0. cos most of the info I have are misleading.  


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I am desperate 

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i am tryin..!! to do....share ..thingy !!

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Are you talking about ArcGIS Desktop or Server?  Desktop needs server to create services that you can use ArcGIS JavaScript[pt API with. If you don't have ArcServer, you need something else to create services. It's a 2 part problem, the first is the data services and the second is the JavaScript web pages to display the services.

For the data services, you can use ArcServer, ArcGIS On-line to host them, or KOOP which can create GeoJSON and/or FeatureLayer services. There is also methods to turn your Shapefiles into GeoJSON and use the GeoJSON files in your JavaScript web app.

For the app, you can use Esri's ArcGIS JavaScript API, Leaflet JS with the Esri plugin, or even ArcGIS on-line. 

You have plenty of good options, Esri, open-Source, or a Hybrid, it all depends on your familiarity, budget, and skill set. 

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thanks for the reply. I am using ArcGIS desktop 10.0, I cannot use arc server (the application use arc server)for some reasons. my application is designed using flex, since Adobe closing all of it, they fear the application won't work. hence they decided to change the application into javascript. They think that changing the application to javascript would fix their future issue(coding). 

Never tried or heard of koop, I will give it a try.

So what do you suggest to me where should I start, I can't talk them out to update. Like what should i do?

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Okay here is my 2 cents worth. I work for a state Dept of Health and teach advanced GIS at a local college (python/JavaScript). As a developer I work within the framework they have, which is basically a hybrid approach.

We can not use because of the health information and almost all my apps are intranet only. is an easy way to take shapefiles and get a FeatureLayer without ArcServer but it carries a cost. Koop ( was introduced to us at a Esri function, it looks like a great option for us as it lets us live in both worlds (Esri/Open-source)

We use ArcMap for almost all internal GIS maps and data edits. We have a few services up on ArcServer but there is a strong open source push here to stretch budgets. We lean toward the Hybrid approach.

Many times I will take Shapefiles and use QGIS to convert them to GeoJSON. Until Esri makes a good working tool/method to make GeoJSON, QGIS is my best option. If my data is CSV there are many CSV2GeoJSON on-line converters. Then I take the GeoJSON files and use it in Leaflet. (This is for static data that doesn’t change.)

For Dynamic data we store it in Oracle or PostGIS, some simple PHP converts this to GeoJSON and we use this as a source for our apps. Many other state agencies serve their data using ArcServer and some of our federal partners also do this.

Now for our applications, since the open-source angle is pushed, I use Leaflet. There is an Esri plug in to use their basemaps and ArcServer Services in it. This help us use our GeoJSON with the other services we need to use.

I also teach advanced GIS, I basically have 8 weeks to teach the web mapping portion. To teach Envi and Geography students JavaScript in this time is tough. Using ArcGIS JS API is impossible to students who are not programmers, Leaflet JS is simple and gets them started, and it they like it they can then jump to the AMD/DOJO world later. At the same time I have 3000+ line apps that work great in Leaflet, that show it’s more then a lightweight app.

I really do like the hybrid approach, I teach ArcGIS Pro for intro classes, and use the Esri products daily. However I use the tools that make my job easier and work within the constraints I have.

Good Luck,


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