Consuming Cesium 3D Tiles .b3dm format directly in web scene

04-17-2021 05:40 AM
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Hello All,

I need to show Cesium 3D Tiles (.b3dm) into esri web scene.  Is there any way that i can achieve this.

We have multiple formats of data especially 3D Models (Multipatch) , DSM , DTM etc for which we have  already created an application using esri javascript api.  It also includes the SLPK file which contains the integrated mesh model.

But now our client has given us Cesium 3D Tiles data and he wants us to show this directly in existing application.  Even arcgis data interoperability extension does not have any support to convert these cesium 3D tiles into other formats.

Is there any possibility to display the Cesium 3D Tiles into esri Web Scene. 

Thanks in Advance.



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As far as I know, there is currently no way to show 3D Tiles in an esri web scene. Cesium and Esri have cooperated in the past, so this may happen at some point in the future, but who knows? Someone has already put in an ArcGIS Idea for this: Support 3D Tiles in Scene Viewer 

A way forward may be to use another client or library that can consume and display both I3S and 3D tiles. It looks like there may be a few options:

If all else fails, you could try and get the data in a different format. Most of the 3D software that creates 3D Tiles has support for other formats as well, so the client or original supplier may be able to help with that. Unfortunately 3D Tiles seems to be one of those formats that everybody seems to support writing, but not reading and converting to another format.


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Thanks Tim for the elaborative guidance...

I had earlier seen the collaboration between cesium and esri which allows cesium to consume esri layers but not other way round...

I will try the alternatives suggested by you and update on it.

But for now i think it will be better off for me to ask the client for I3S data.

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I'm also interested about this. We have client providing us Cesium 3D tile service, which we'd like to add to our web scene app. It is possible now to add I3S to Cesium, but not the other way round. ESRI should have acknowledged there are a large number of users using Cesium 3D tile data,  it's better to be included rather than excluded. Plus it's supported by OGC since 2019

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