Configuring the "Share" widget for the JSAPI Parks Finder Application

08-07-2014 07:22 AM
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I'm having trouble getting the "Share" widget to work. I set up my Parks feature class using the exact schema as ESRI's example, but the share widget does not recognize the selected feature or facility ID. Instead, it uses the current extent. I found in the Utils.js file of the application where it either uses a selected feature or else a current extent, and I believe everything is set up properly.


function ShareLink(ext) {

    tinyUrl = null;

    var mapExtent = GetMapExtent();

    var url = esri.urlToObject(window.location.toString());

    if (selectedFeatureID) {

        var urlStr = encodeURI(url.path) + "?selectedFeatureID=" + selectedFeatureID;


    } else {

        var urlStr = encodeURI(url.path) + "?extent=" + mapExtent;



Is there anywhere else beside the config.js file where the FacilityID attribute needs to be defined? Anyone else have this problem and found a solution?


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Do your parks have a FacilityID entry in the DB?

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