Configuring javascript api installed locally on arcgis server

07-09-2019 02:25 AM
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I am following these directions here: How To: Install the JavaScript API for use with ArcGIS for Server to install javascript locally on a server that is federated to a portal site. After completing these steps, I tried to view a service in the ArcGIS javascript viewer from the rest services directory, and the service only provides a blank screen.

In the developer tools on the browser, I can see that I have a page not found error when pointing to the url in the location of the arcgis_js_api folder, which is placed in the wwwroot on the server.

I tried a few things from other posts with similar issues: confirmed that IIS_IUSRS has permissions on the arcgis_js_api folder. Also tried giving Everyone read access. I also tried Enabling anonymous authentication in the iis settings, but these did not make a difference. What else can I try to try and narrow down why the browser can't see the arcgis_js_api folder contents. Our server setup requires https. I am using js api 3.13, arcgis server 10.7.

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