code issue in normalizeUtils of jsapi 4.10

02-14-2019 01:36 AM
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i just encounter an issue when using the normalizeUtils class in jsapi 4.10. After i run deep into the dist code, i'm afraid that this might be a coding issue. As u define a plain object with the key '4326', but it finally has a spatialReference of WebMercator.

As a result, i must have to use this class like this, when i decide to convert a geometry with the spatial ref 4326

.then(polylines => {
    ... ...

That should be allowed to use it directly, if i already have a geometry with sp 4326, but not to convert all them to sp 102100 again. Right?

Please look into this.

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Do you have a simple codepen or jsbin showing the issue?  Also, not sure it it will help in your case, but please note that the parameter to webMercatorUtils is an instance of Geometry and not a plain js object; try creating and passing in a new Polyline instead.

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