Clipping basemap, arcgis api

04-15-2017 07:42 AM
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Hello, thanks for answering my previous question.

I need to clip my basemap only to 1 country, is there any way to load custom map, where will be only 1 country(argcis api, javascript)?  

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   Not that I am aware of. If you are using the 4.x api you can set map contraints but not actually clip the basemap.

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The poor man's way of doing this would be to make a polygon dataset of the entire world and "burn" in the boundary of your country of choice. Publish a service where the country has been removed via queryDefinition and then symbolize the remaining polygon (the rest of the world) using a white fill. When adding that service to your map, make sure that it is at the bottom layer of your JS map and now you have a basemap clipped to a county's boundary.