Changing map rotation on feature-heavy map

02-06-2019 07:10 AM
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We are experiencing some choppiness when rotating a MapView with a few layers, in our case 8 FeatureLayer objects - some of which hold many features - above a single VectorTileLayer.

When changing the mapview rotation a lot of requests are sent continuosly for each of the layer endpoints. These are FeatureServer/query and VectorTileServer/tile requests. Some of the requests get cancelled (see chrome dev-tools), alot of them are sent and received. The response is also always the same. 

So my questions are:

Why are all these requests sent as they are all the same and do not have any rotation parameter in them?

And is there a way to prevent sending these requests, e.g. until the final rotation is reached?

Has anyone else seen these problems and found a workaround? 

One more thing i have to mention is, that we don't use right mouse events to rotate the map but a slider control which executes MapView.set("rotation") calls. But that doesn't make any difference in behavior.

I can't post a sample as our feature layers are private data, the vector tile layer is

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