[Bug] Feature disappears when zooming in

11-25-2020 10:30 PM
New Contributor

Sometimes when zooming in features will disappear and not appear at the zoom level at all.

See gif https://i.imgur.com/mogzLTw.gif

Or features are just cutoff in the middle


This is using UniqueValueRenderer with png PictureMarkerSymbol

This  is only resolved by panning the map so the features are out of view and then panning back.

Edit. Forcefully refreshing through layer.refresh() works only if the refresh is called after 10 seconds. There seems to be some hard-coded caching that prevents immediate redraws.


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if its sceneveiw i mean 3D object can place under terrain so its dissapper. if its 2D map i dont know whats the problem.

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Esri Contributor

@ChrisShaw if you can you provide a repro on codepen I can take a look. You can also try against /next and see if things are fixed. There were some fixes for clipping on tile boundaries that are in the 4.18 branch: 


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