Basic question need help understanding URL's, webservers.

08-29-2019 08:57 AM
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I'm trying to publish HTML, JavaScript, CSS files that I wrote on my computer. 

It's very basic, just opens map (from map ID) and view layers. I want to understand how people can view these HTML and JavaScript files in my organization.

We have okta log in and I can't get passed the log in from my simple JS. 

I've done some research and I read that you have to register the App in your organization. I read through this . I logged into my OKTA with the test Script and it worked no problem.

      // ArcGIS Enterprise Portals are also supported
        var portalUrl = "";

        // subsitute your own client_id to identify who spawned the login and check for a matching redirect URI
        var info = new OAuthInfo({
          appId: "JTpyML5GgvA1jEoo",
          popup: false // inline redirects don't require any additional app configuration

Now when I try to add my own App I don't know what to populate the URL field with?

Sorry I'm new to this and trying to figure this out.


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