Arrows with variable length, rotation, and error ellipses

08-09-2021 03:02 PM
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I've been working with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript (latest version), and have attempted multiple methods of plotting directional arrows of variable length, originating from one point, and ending with an arrow head and error ellipses of differing axes lengths and rotation centered at the end of the arrow. The difficult part has been centering the error ellipses of varying geometries on the end of the arrow, because I need the arrow to be scalable with the zoom view (I have been specifying the renderer's visualVariables, size and rotation, to rescale SVG paths for the arrows on zoom). Each ellipse has it's own separate rotation in addition to different axes lengths. The end product would be something similar to the error ellipses and arrows found here:


If anyone has any thoughts on the best way to accomplish this, I would greatly appreciate any tips!

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Have you tried using CIMSymbols to accomplish this? They are a bit more involved than SimpleLineSymbols but I think they would be perfect for what you are trying to accomplish! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions 🙂 

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