ArcGIS Server spatial query returns geometries only if they intersect all sub-polygon in multipart polygon

08-12-2021 08:01 PM
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Single-part polygon as an input is a common use case of spatial query, it works fine.

However, I am encountering a case that I need to take a multipart polygon as an input to query some point features. At such occasion, ArcGIS service always return me with no feature found, but I can get at least some result features if I do it with multiple queries separately with single-part feature.

Is it possible to query these features as long as that feature is intersecting any one of my multipart geometry?

I may make queries by multipart polygon with >100 parts. Therefore, separate queries is not a solution for me.


ArcGIS Server: 10.5.1

ArcGIS JSAPI: 4.19

Requesting Service: Polyline Layer (MapServer)


Below is the requests and responses, you may format it at in order to make it easier to read.

**Request (Query with singlepart polygon)**:

**Response (Query with singlepart polygon)**: 2 features returned

**Request (Query with multipart polygon, first part is the one that I used at above query)**:

**Response (Query with multipart polygon)**: no feature returned


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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