ArcGis Server Dynamic Service

09-04-2019 04:56 AM
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Dear All,

I published my  mxd file in which more than 35 layers.ic heck the record counter of some layer using attributes table before publishing.for example layer one on index 0 has 142 features and when i check through arcgis server rest service interface it gives me exact 142 records.My database frequently updated.after two days records in that layer becomes 95 i check this in mxd file using attribute table.But arcgis s erver gives me the record 142 same as first day when i publish the data,why it is not giving me the update values.please help i weather i am missing some settings.please help.i check feature with query task in arcgis java script api and also from arcgis server rest service interface.please help.

thanks in advance

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