ArcGIS JSAPI code with Existing Angular app

05-09-2019 10:43 AM
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Hello everyone,

A newbie here, first time posting, so bear with me please.  I managed to scrapped together some code for a simple web GIS app. using ArcGIS Javascript API version 3. The ArcGIS JSAPI app have some simple functionality like a click event that return some value back from the layers.   My other colleagues already have an existing Angular(version 7) app running in our environment, with a lot of modules inside of the src-->app folder already.  

My question is. Can I just simply create another module inside the src-->app folder of the Angular app, called it "gis-map", and copy and paste the html/js code from the ArcGIS JSAPI app into the gis-map.component.html, " ".ts, " ".css?  Will this approach work? 

Any ideas or thoughts are welcome.  


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