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08-27-2020 04:07 AM
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Hi all, 

we have developed a custom web app with the ArcGIS JavaScript API. We are loading a couple of map services in our map. Some of them, sometimes, are loaded slower than expected even though in the ArcGIS Server, on the statistics page, we see quite fast responses. We load the map services to the web map by using the export map operation.

We are trying to include in our testing process some performance steps. We try to use testing tools to simulate panning and zooming on the map but with our tools, we cannot simulate panning or zooming. We have searched also for other monitoring tools around and we found the System Test for the Web.

Our issue is that the performance on the server looks OK e.g. response time is some milliseconds. When we loaded the data on the web map, using the export operation of the map service, and we pan and zoom, sometimes it takes some seconds and we cannot find a tool to monitor that.

We have the following questions:

  • Are there any testing tools to simulate the zooming and panning to a map view? We can simulate it by pressing the arrows on the keyboard but is there something else?
  • What parameters we should consider to improve the loading of a map service export operation on the client browser? What we currently take into account is:
    • ArcSOC instances on the server
    • aliasing of the service
    • use of modern browsers i.e. Edge chromium, Chrome
    • the hardware of the clients and of the servers (they are exceeding the minimum requirements by far)
    • scale dependency in layers so we don't load a lot of data
    • ???

Any help towards any direction is useful! 

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