applyEdits Issue

05-12-2021 12:25 PM
New Contributor II

Hello, I have built a web app that utilizes the applyEdits functionality to process batches of 1,000 updates at a time. This app was developed using data hosted on AGOL, but we are in the process of moving it to Portal. In our recent testing, the applyEdits function that was working on AGOL is no long working on Portal. The applyEdits POST request is issued, and a 200 response is returned saying the edits were applied successfully, however we do not see these edits in our popups, or in our webmap. We are unsure as to how to resolve this and would appreciate any assistance.

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Esri Contributor

Hi, can you open the service in a webmap and test if the edit works? Open up the developer console when you do that to see the applyEdit request. Check and match your request against what the webmap edit uses. 




New Contributor II

Both of the requests are identical between the webmap and the web app. Both run successfully and return updateFeatures information.