Adding Lg. Attachment via REST

09-13-2019 10:06 AM
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I'd like to use the JS API to upload feature attachment >10MB in size, which I understand 10MB is the file size limit in the JS API. So, it looks like you can upload them using the REST API.

Upload the file to ArcGIS Server, something like:

var gp = New Geoprocessor({

  url: https://<service-url>/uploads/upload


var sendFile = gp.execute({

   file: 'fromBrowser.pdf',

   f: 'json'


You then get an Item ID of that uploaded file, something like:


   var urlToFile = 'https://<service-url>/uploads/' + response.itemID;



From this point, how do you attach the file (that now resides on the ArcGIS Server) to a feature using?


Can REST API addAttachment, attachment parameter be a URL?

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