Adding Javascript API widget to Esri's Angular CLI boilerplate code

11-23-2019 10:38 PM
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I'm using the Esri Angular CLI template from Github here: GitHub - Esri/angular-cli-esri-map: Example Angular component for building mapping applications with... . I've been trying to understand how I can add a widget to the app, in the esri-map.component.ts file. I've added the appropriate code for the BasemapToggle widget within the "async ... try {..." and after the "const mapViewProperties:..." parts like so:

      Add Widgets
     const basemapToggle = new BasemapToggle({
      view: mapViewProperties,  // The view that provides access to the map's "satelite" basemap
      nextBasemap: "topo"  // Allows for toggling to the "hybrid" basemap

      //add the widget to the top right of the view 
      mapViewProperties.ui.add(basemapToggle, "top-right");

But after that, I get a window in Visual Studio Code saying "any: Property 'add' does not exist on type 'DefaultUIProperties'", even though it looks like add() is mentioned in the documentation:

The code is attached. Any guidance whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. 

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Maybe this response will help others....

Add the widget to the mapview in the mapView.when(() => {  callback.  This will ensure that the mapView is fully initialized AND in scope.

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As the mentioned reference is added, I still can't find the solution
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