Adding attributes / fields to a feature from a hosted feature layer

11-27-2020 01:00 PM
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Good Day

This is related to another post I made about mapping 450,000 features onto the map.  I moved to using a hosted feature layer, which massively helped the memory usage, but now I'm stuck as the shape file I uploaded to make the hosted feature layer doesn't have much information. 

Is it possible to add a field / attribute to a feature based on another set of data, on the client side after I grab that hosted feature layer?

I have a large object from our DB that has colours, labels and etc... in it for the 450,000 features, one of those fields matches a value in the hosted layer, Objectdd = Objectd.  When I create the renderer for the hosted feature layer I'd like to add  a field / attribute into the feature so I know what it is, and later use it as a query point is this possible?


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