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02-23-2020 09:14 AM
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I am looking to add a point to my feature class.

I see i can add the edit wdget and use that to add a point but i need to interact with my map first before i can submit the point.

I have a tool that selects some features in the map and builds a string from their name field....i want to add this as values to a field of the FC.  

So i was thinking of just adding a few input boxes, A few combo boxes, And the input box that will get populated from my code. Then submit to add the point to the FC

I am pondering options:

 1. I think i would have to create a new widget to do this via a widget.

2. Or if I simply create my own input and comboboxes what are my options to add this point to the FC class outside of: passing parameter values to GP Service which was published from a python script using an insert cursor.... 

Any thoughts on number 2 above? Are there any other options to add point other than the GP tool from html input boxes and combobox?

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