Access Secured ArcGIS Server Map Service in Custom Web Application

03-30-2021 02:52 AM
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Scenario: We need to use a 3rd party Secured ArcGIS Server map Service in our custom web application. When end-users are browsing our custom web application we don’t want credential pop-up appear for them as we're using 3rd party Secured ArcGIS Server map Service. We want our end-users to interact with the Secured ArcGIS Server map Service seamlessly without providing any credentials.

Currently, we don't know where Secured ArcGIS Server map Service is hosted either AGOL or Standalone ArcGIS Server. But, my hunch is Standalone.

In order to achieve above functionality, I'm struggling to explore the solution. At the moment, we're aware about proxy server can fulfill our requirement but I'm after to explore Esri Token Authentication with ArcGIS API for JavaScript or something other than Proxy server.

Give us your thoughts and bounce the ideas! 


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@KenBuja @JohnGrayson Do rock stars have any thought? Kindly let me know if I'm not clear enough to explain the scenario. Thanks.

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