Access secured AGOL content in a javascript application with enterprise logins.

05-25-2020 09:34 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi, I wanted to find out about the workflow to access secured content from ArcGIS Online in a web application created using Javascript API 4.15 . I am currently a member of an AGOL organization that uses enterprise logins to authenticate it's members. I do not have privileges to share content but can participate in groups. I have a 'Creator' user type and a 'User' role. The content I need to access is shared through a private group and it consists of webmaps and hosted feature services.

I did refer to the documentation provided for accessing secured content using ArcGIS Javascript API.  Access secure resources | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.15  . The documentation does mention using Network Credentials (IWA). It explains that the authentication for these credentials are handled by the active directory and not by the portal.

I wanted find out if it is possible to access secured content in AGOL with enterprise logins in a javascript api application? What workflow or setup would be required to access such content and if there are any code samples available?  

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