4.9 IOS Safari Expand widget issue

11-20-2018 04:29 AM
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I have some expand widget buttons on the top-right of my view. When opening them and closing them, the button shifts to the right so it is 80% off screen. This doesn't occur 100% of the time. This only occurs on Safari IOS, I have tested Chrome IOS and Chrome Windows device simulator and they work fine.

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Hi Shakil Choudhury‌,

Any chance you can provide a sample of the code you are working with? I tested the widget functionality on iOS Safari and it seems to work fine with the sample from Expand widget - 4.9. As such, there is not much ground to log any bugs against the API.

Also, what version of iOS is the device running?


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Hi Daniel,

Please see this link:


with the @ symbols removed.

I've just tested it now and the issue persists. This was on Safari on an iPhone 6s+ running iOS 12.0. I've just tried Chrome on the same system and the issue is also occurring there.

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Shakil Choudhury

Thank you so much for providing the app. I took a look and I do see the same behavior as you described. For testing purposes, I did also copy the code into my own app and was able to see the same issue as well. However, what I found was that after modifying the Expand widget to have the "Expanded" property set to false instead of true, it will open and close without any cutoff.

See below:

var legendExpand = new Expand({
      expandIconClass: "esri-icon-layer-list",
      expandTooltip: "Expand Legend",
      collapseTooltip: "Collapse",
      expanded: true,
      view: view,
      content: legend,
      group: "top-right"

Is this something you can try and/or work with?

In any case, I have went ahead and logged a bug against this because it should still work regardless to keep the button in place whether this property is set to true or false. If you have any questions in regards to the bug, feel free to contact Esri Support and they can assist with that.