4.12 SketchViewModel problem with circles?

08-20-2019 03:29 PM
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4.12 SketchViewModel has problem editing circles.  I have code for drawing and editing various shapes that seemed to work fine in version 4.11.  But in version 4.12, editing circles seems to be broken. When I try to drag the circle to a new location by its centerpoint, the circle remains where it was during the drag, with only a light grey square being drawn near the cursor.  

When I try to stretch the circle, I don't seem to get a final completion event (i.e. state=complete) to finalize the stretching.  Instead if I draw a point, then click outside the circle I get a cancel.  And often during the stretch operations, the dynamics are very odd -- instead of a stretching circle I see the original circle vibrating back and forth at approximately its original size.

I think the basic logic is fine since with a simple rectangle everything works fine. but currently I'm really able to draw circles initially but not edit either location or radius existing circles.

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I would suggest using 4.11 for now until 4.13 is released. I have seen a few issues with circles in 4.12 that development is aware of

Circle rings aren't being created properly in 4.12