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Esri Contributor

Esri is committed to providing strong security for the ArcGIS platform by using the latest industry standards and best practices for security protocols. To meet these requirements, we are updating ArcGIS Online to enforce the use of HTTPS only starting on December 8, 2020.
This important security update is likely to affect some ArcGIS software and custom solutions. If your subscription is still set to allow the use of both HTTP and HTTPS, this update will affect you.
If you do not update your organization's settings to HTTPS only prior to December 8, 2020, you will not be able to access your HTTP resources.
Who Is Affected?
Users of most ArcGIS software or custom solutions using Esri technology may be affected by this planned enforcement of HTTPS only. If you acquired your ArcGIS Online subscription before September 2018 and your subscription is still set to allow both HTTP and HTTPS use, you will need to take action for continued access to your resources.
What Do I Need to Do?
To ensure uninterrupted access to resources, you need to review your organization's settings to make sure HTTPS only is enabled. This can be done at your earliest convenience but before December 8, 2020.
Go to the Technical Support—Important Updates for the ArcGIS Platform and HTTPS Only Enforcement page for information, including instructions for updating software for HTTPS only.

View Technical Support Resources

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Esri Contributor

The following customers will present the StoryMaps they submitted for the Virtual Map Gallery at the 2020 Esri User Conference:

  • Zachary Jaffe, LandTech Consultants
  • Olivia Godfrey, Langan
  • Michael Georgalas, Langan
  • Devin Lavigne, Houseal Lavigne Associates

AEC-related on-demand technical presentations from the Esri team will be introduced by:

  • Anthony Renteria
  • Daniel Chantlos
  • Bryan Ferri

-->Register here.

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Esri Contributor

Register now and join over 1200 professionals from different industries related to AEC in the monthly AEC Community Webinar Series. The next webinar is scheduled for August 11th.

See the webinar calendar and register here.

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Esri Contributor

Next week is the 2020 Esri User Conference!  It is sure to be an amazing opportunity to grow your GIS in AEC expertise. 

Below are the names of the sessions, the presenters, their company and a recorded overview of these AEC-centric sessions:

Bridging the Visualization and Sharing Gap | Teresa Smithson – Jacobs

5D WebGIS for Urban Renewal | Frederic Jehan – Egis


Evolving Mobile Field Inspection - ArcPad to Collector and Beyond | Joel Carter – Cardno


The BIM-GIS Integration: Advanced Processes Solving System Interactions | Matthieu Muller – Egis


Geospatially-Enabled Quality Control of Texas’ First Reservoir in 30 Years | Chris Akin – Dunaway Associates


A New Project Workflow Paradigm with Connector for ArcGIS and BIM 360 | Chuck Pietra – C&S Companies


Harnessing Mobile Data Collection During Construction of a Tailings Embankment | Michael DeVasto – GZA GeoEnvironmental


21st Century Infrastructure Project Execution Redefining Phases Utilizing Esri | Kourosh Langari – Caltrans


Highly Available Esri Enterprise Implementation, Data Center Migration and System Integration | Sarah Elliott & Jacob Raymond – Jacobs


Monitoring Hydroelectric Scheme Tunnel Health Using GIDIE, ArcGIS GeoEvent, and Operations Dashboard | Carla Evans & John Gilby – Golder Associates Ltd.


Be sure to learn a bit about these topics now, and add them to your schedule when the Virtual UC2020 opens Monday morning.

See you at the UC!

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Esri Contributor

Each year, we use your feedback from the Esri User Conference (Esri UC) Product Survey to create the Esri UC Q&A. This resource is designed to give you key updates on the latest advancements in Esri technology, emerging innovations, and the road ahead for GIS.

The information included is provided by Esri subject matter experts and offers both insights and practical guidance to help you apply new technologies and workflows in your next project.

--> Read the Esri UC Q&A

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New Contributor II

AEC Project Delivery is quickly becoming an important tool for AEC firms to collaborate and deliver digital content to customers. To support this growing need Esri is working diligently to create content that will support your work. The following is a list of some useful links that will help you expand your AEC Project Delivery workbench: 


  1. StoryMap - AEC Project Delivery Subscription for ArcGIS
  2. Blog - Introduction to AEC Project Delivery
  3. Blog - Use collaboration to support an AEC Project Delivery Subscription
  4. Webinar - Tackle Project Delivery Challenges with GIS (with Lynchburg MUD and S&ME)


Please let us know if we can help in any way with your AEC Project Delivery Deployment. 

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New Contributor II

New Blog Post: Introduction to AEC Project Delivery. Four different scenarios are explained with graphic diagrams. The AEC Project Delivery is a powerful tool to include in your Digital Delivery arsenal!

Check out the Blog Post here!

aec project delivery subscription aec

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Esri Contributor

Each year, Jack Dangermond asks users attending the Esri User Conference to take a survey that helps us better understand your specific questions, issues, and concerns about our products and services.

Check your inbox for an email sent from Esri User Conference with a message from Jack Dangermond and a link to the online survey.

We look forward to seeing you at the virtual event in July.

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Esri Contributor

Submit your map that you've created using Esri software for the chance to be among those featured in the Virtual Map Gallery at the 2020 Esri User Conference. Don't miss the opportunity to share your work and story in front of a global audience!

Each map entry will be judged on how it fulfills the design objectives of the designated category.

All accepted submissions will appear in our permanent online gallery and will be considered for the next volume of the Esri Map Book.

The deadline to submit your digital map is June 5, 2020. Submit your map today!

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