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ArcGIS GeoPlanner—Product Deprecation Notice

03-29-2024 10:33 AM
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Important Notice Regarding Upcoming Changes to ArcGIS GeoPlanner 


ArcGIS GeoPlanner is being deprecated. This is driven by the evolution of planning tools across ArcGIS and the retirement of ArcGIS API for JavaScript 3.x.

Important timelines for ArcGIS GeoPlanner are as follows:

ArcGIS Enterprise

  • ArcGIS GeoPlanner final release was included with ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 in November 2023.
  • Access for ArcGIS Enterprise customers will remain until the retirement of ArcGIS GeoPlanner which follows the ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2 product life cycle.

ArcGIS Online

  • ArcGIS GeoPlanner final release for ArcGIS Online is June 2024.
  • Access for ArcGIS Online customers will remain until June 30, 2025, with retirement scheduled for July 1, 2025.

ArcGIS GeoPlanner has significantly contributed to raising awareness of geodesign principles and techniques in the ArcGIS system. Now, these principles are widely accessible across various products. As Esri continues to promote geodesign as a platform-first pattern of use, it reduces the need for GeoPlanner and enables a user experience leaning toward capabilities found across ArcGIS.

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