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03-10-2022 05:56 AM
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My alias table contains primary street names as well as the alias names.  No issue on using the table but need some help with the logic of the situation.

Abbott St is the has an alias of Bubba Rd, however Bubba Rd is also a Primary street located thinking is this will cause issues.

Any thoughts?


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What tool are you using to build the locator?

As long as you have a  join id that links the primary street name to the street alias in an alternate name table there shouldn't be any conflict. However, depending on the tool used to build the locator there are ways that you can ensure the primary name is used or get results when either street name is used.

If you are using ArcGIS Pro and the Create Locator tool use the following resources:

Preferred Street Name

Fundamentals of alternate name tables

Alternate name table roles

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if your aliasing is tied to street ID as ours is, the issues may not exist at all. in very old (non-esri) systems this may have been an issue where the text in the name was aliased rather than the id of each segment.

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