Address Data Management Solution: Create Site Address Point Trouble

04-15-2020 11:55 AM
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Hello I'm having some trouble getting the attribute rule Create Site Address Point to work. It will create the Site address Point and assign the Site Address ID but it will not assign an address number to the site address point. I have all of the features and tables provided loaded into our SQL server with our old data added into those layers. Here is what I have for the attribute rule. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank! address 

// This rule will create a new site address point when an address point is created along a road
// The site address point will be offset from the road by the distance and direction defined in the address point feature template

// This function will return the new point offset perpendicularly from a 2-point line segment at a specified distance
// Positive distance is to the left of the line. Negative distance is to the right of the line

function offsetPoint(firstPoint, secondPoint, fromPoint, dist) {
var x1 = firstPoint.x;
var y1 = firstPoint.y;
var x2 = secondPoint.x;
var y2 = secondPoint.y;
var x3 = fromPoint.x;
var y3 = fromPoint.y;

var a = y1 - y2;
var b = x2 - x1;

var norm = Sqrt(a*a + b*b);
a = a / norm;
b = b / norm;

return [x3 + a * dist, y3 + b * dist]

// This function will return the address number of the new site address point
// It determines this based on the from and to address range on the intersecting road and the direction of the offset
function getAddrNum(road, percentAlong, dir) {
var addrNum = null;
var from = road.fromLeft;
var to = road.toLeft;
if (Lower(dir) == 'right') {
var from = road.fromRight;
var to = road.toRight;
if (from == null || to == null) return null;
var val = percentAlong * (to - from);
var addrNum = 0;

if ((Floor(val) % 2) == 0) addrNum = Floor(val);
else if ((Ceil(val) % 2) == 0) addrNum = Ceil(val);
else addrNum = Floor(val) - 1;

return from + addrNum;

// This function will return the intersected features geometry, the segment intersected and the distance along the line
function IntersectingLineSegmentDistance(sourceGeometry, intersectGeometry, interestedLines){
// Loop through the intersecting lines and find the segment of the line
for (var line in interestedLines) {
var distanceAlongLine = 0;
// Loop through the segments of the line. Handle multipart geometries
for (var part in Geometry(line).paths) {
var segment = Geometry(line).paths[part];

// Loop through the points in the segment
for (var i in segment) {
if (i == 0) continue;

// Construct a 2-point line segment from the current and previous point
var firstPoint = segment[i-1];
var secondPoint = segment
var twoPointLine = Polyline({ 'paths' : [[[firstPoint.x, firstPoint.y], [secondPoint.x, secondPoint.y]]], 'spatialReference' : firstPoint.spatialReference});

// Test if the point intersects the 2-point line segment
if (Intersects(intersectGeometry, twoPointLine)) {
// Construct a 2-point line segment using the previous point and the address point
var lastSegment = Polyline({ 'paths' : [[[firstPoint.x, firstPoint.y], [sourceGeometry.x, sourceGeometry.y]]], 'spatialReference' : firstPoint.spatialReference});
// Add to the total distance along the line and break the loop
distanceAlongLine += Length(lastSegment);
return [line, twoPointLine, distanceAlongLine]
// Add to the toal distance along the line
distanceAlongLine += Length(twoPointLine);
return null;

// Get the object id and geometry of the feature
var oid = $feature.OBJECTID;
var id = $feature.addressptid
var geom = Geometry($feature);

// Get the distance and direction defined in the address point feature template/
// If none specified defaults to 0 and Left
var dist = 0;
if ($feature.offdist != null) dist = $feature.offdist;
var dir = 'Left';
if ($feature.offdir != null) dir = $feature.offdir;
if (Lower(dir) == 'right') dist *= -1

// Get the number of site address points and increment value from the address point feature template
// Defaults to 1 and 0 respectively
var numpoints = 1;
if ($feature.numpoints != null) numpoints = $feature.numpoints;
var increment = 0;
if ($feature.incrementval != null) increment = $feature.incrementval;
var captureMethod = $feature.capturemeth;

// Find any intersecting roads with the address point
// If no roads intersect buffer the source point to handle cases where road isn't exactly snapped to line and try again
// If no roads intersect the the buffer return an error message and prevent the address point from being created
var intersectGeometry = geom;
var intersectingRoads = Intersects(FeatureSetByName($datastore, "localgovernmentdata.ADMIN.RoadCenterline"), intersectGeometry);
if (Count(intersectingRoads) == 0) {
intersectGeometry = Buffer(geom, 5, 'feet');
intersectingRoads = Intersects(FeatureSetByName($datastore, "localgovernmentdata.ADMIN.RoadCenterline"), intersectGeometry);
if (Count(intersectingRoads) == 0) return {
"errorMessage": "Address Point must intersect at least one Road Centerline"

// If the results are empty return an error message. This will occur if a point is created along a true curve.
// Prevent the address point from being created.
var results = IntersectingLineSegmentDistance(geom, intersectGeometry, intersectingRoads)
if (IsEmpty(results)) return {
"errorMessage": "Failed to create the Address Point. This can occur when attempting to create an Address Point along a true curve segment. The Densify or Generalize tools can be used to convert the curve segment to a straight line segment."
var intersectingRoad = results[0];
var twoPtSegment = results[1];
var distanceAlongLine = results[2];

// Construct a new point geometry offset perpendicularly from the road
var xy = offsetPoint(twoPtSegment.paths[0][0], twoPtSegment.paths[0][1], geom, dist)
var newPoint = Point({ 'x' : xy[0], 'y' : xy[1], 'z' : 0, 'spatialReference' : geom.spatialReference });

// Get the new address number of the site address point based on the distance along the road and direction of the offset
var percentAlong = distanceAlongLine / Length(intersectingRoad);
var addrnum = getAddrNum(intersectingRoad, percentAlong, dir)

// Create an array of 1 or more new site address point as specified
// Store the related address point id, the calculated address number, the intersecting road name and set the status to Pending
var adds = []
for(var i=0; i<numpoints; i++) {
adds[Count(adds)] = {
'attributes': {
'addressptid' : id, 'status': 'Pending', addrnum : addrnum, fullname : intersectingRoad.fullname, capturemeth : captureMethod
'geometry': newPoint
addrNum += increment;

// Return the original address point id
// Using the edit parameter create 1 or more new site address points
return {
'result' : id,
'edit': [{
'className': 'localgovernmentdata.ADMIN.SiteAddressPoint',
'adds': adds

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Esri Regular Contributor

One trick I like to do when troubleshoot attribute rule is test them in an expression in a pop ups.  Take the attribute rule and place it in the pop up.  Create the feature that it would be running on.  Then using the explore tool, click on the feature.  If nothing is returned, keep updating the attribute rule and slowly step down the code adding return "Something".  This will help you walk the code and find out where something may be acting up.

Esri Regular Contributor

Tyler Ulmer‌, the expression looks good, same as what is shipped with the solution. Can you confirm that the left from, left to, right from and right to are populated on the road that you are creating the address point along?