Severely visually or blind users

07-07-2021 04:20 AM
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I have read through the ESRI Accessibility documents that suggest using high colour contrast, etc for users that have a visual disability.

Is there any option to convert sound to text in a text-box, for example if a user reads out an address??              So that a  severely visually disabled or blind user could use the text  to do a spatial search, and the Web map return the result to be processed.



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Hello Clive,

Thank you for posting this in the Accessibility Community! We appreciate that you have found and reviewed Accessibility resources about ArcGIS products, and encourage everyone to check our new Esri Accessibility Resources site frequently for updates.

ArcGIS products are able to be used with assistive technologies such as speech recognition software (e.g. Dragon), and functionality like entering a search phrase into a text box (including addresses) should be supported with most products. Esri does not, however, offer a native solution to this issue, nor are there currently voice-to-text options built into ArcGIS products. 

We are always curious about methods which we could use to increase the accessibility of our ArcGIS products, and are committed to creating accessible technology. If you have any further suggestions about this topic or specific products, we would welcome your feedback! Please reach out to us through this Community, the Contact Esri Accessibility forms at the bottom of each page in our Esri Accessibility site, or reach us directly via email at

Thank you!